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This category lists IF works written with the ADRIFT authoring system. These works are usually released as story files that end with a .taf extension; you will need the ADRIFT Runner or another ADRIFT interpreter in order to play them.

Be aware that ADRIFT 4 is not backwards compatible with ADRIFT 3.9. This means that an ADRIFT 4 interpreter will not run ADRIFT 3.9 works. ADRIFT 3.9 works require an older ADRIFT 3.9 interpreter. And ADRIFT 3.8 works will require an even older ADRIFT 3.8 interpreter.

Note: We are in the process of moving works from this category into the subcategories ADRIFT 3.8 works, ADRIFT 3.9 works, and ADRIFT 4 works as appropriate. This may take a while.



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