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Graham Cluley is the British creator of the PC shareware games Jacaranda Jim, Humbug, Wibbling Wilf, and Blox.

Jacaranda Jim is a text adventure computer game. The game was originally written in 1987 by Cluley while he was studying at Guildford College of Technology, England. At this stage the game only ran on a PRIME minicomputer and was named "Derek the Troll" in honour of its central character (based upon one of Cluley's lecturers). When college authorities questioned the lampooning of one its staff, the character was renamed "Alan the Gribbley" and the game itself rechristened "Jacaranda Jim".

The game, which was written in Pascal, was then ported to the PC platform and further developed.

A sequel to "Jacaranda Jim" called "The Case of Spindle's Crotchet" was planned and partially completed, but never released

Humbug is a text adventure computer game game written by Cluley in 1990. The game is set at Christmas, and features the character of Sidney Widdershins as he arrives as his Grandad's mansion for the winter school holidays.

Both Jacaranda Jim and Humbug were initially distributed as shareware and appeared on a number of British computer magazine cover disks, including PC Plus magazine.

Wibbling Wilf is a pacman-style maze arcade game, and Blox is a Tetris-clone.

Cluley is also the senior technology consultant at anti-virus and anti-spam vendor, Sophos, and is regularly quoted in the press about computer security issues.

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