One Eye Open

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IF Comp 2010
3rd of of 26
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XYZZY Awards 2010
Finalist - Best Game, Best Story, Best Setting, Best Puzzles, and Best Individual Puzzle
One Eye Open
One Eye Open cover.png
Author(s) Colin Sandel and Carolyn VanEseltine
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Release date(s) 01-Oct-2010
Authoring system Inform 7
Platform(s) Glulx
Language(s) English
License(s) Freeware
Color effects none
Graphics none
Sound/Music none
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How It Begins

The game initially warns the player about "mature content (including blood, gore, human injury and death, mild language, tobacco reference, violence, and violent references."

The PC is a test subject at Corona Labs in Mount Airy, MD. No name or gender are ever provided for this character. The game begins at 7:30 PM with the PC in a test chamber being observed by one of the scientists, Dr. Marnie Ephart. The PC is instructed to guess at the symbols on a set of Zener cards that Dr. Ephart is examining.

WARNING: This game is extremely gory.

Notable Features

  • One Eye Open has a VERBS command to provide players with a list of all verbs necessary to win the game and appropriate syntax for using them.


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