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Command Syntax

  • EXTINGUISH dobjList ≡ BLOW dobjList OUT ≡ BLOW OUT dobjList ≡ DOUSE dobjList ≡ PUT dobjList OUT ≡ PUT OUT dobjList

Default behavior

What do you want to extinguish?

>extinguish floor
You cannot extinguish that.

Summary of library references to extinguishing

actions.t Short description


Defines class ExtinguishAction: TAction

extras.t Short description
Candle.dobjFor(Extinguish) If the candle isn't lit, the game complains that it's illogical now to extinguish it, e.g.: 'The candle isn't lit. '
If the candle is lit, the game puts it out, e.g.:'Done. ' If an NPC extinguishes a lit candle, the message is more like: 'Lord Byron extinguishes the candle. '
Matchstick.dobjFor(Extinguish) If the match isn't lit, the game complains that it's illogical now to extinguish it, e.g.: 'The match isn't lit. '
If the match is lit, the game puts it out and removes it from the game, e.g.: 'You put out the match, which disappears into a cloud of ash. '
precond.t Short description
touchObj: PreCondition The actor must be able to touch the object. Attempts to remove any transparent barriers between them may be made.
thing.t Short description
Thing.dobjFor(Extinguish) By default, one must be able to touch an object before one can attempt to extinguish it, and even then, most things cannot be extinguished because it's illogical (e.g.: 'You cannot extinguish that.').
en_us\en_us.t Short description


Associates the grammars "extinguish dobjList", "blow out dobjList", etc. with ExtinguishAction.

en_us\msg_neu.t Short description
playerActionMessages.candleNotLit '{The dobj/he} {is} not lit. '
playerActionMessages.cannotExtinguish '{You/he} cannot extinguish {that dobj/him}. '
playerActionMessages.matchNotLit '{The dobj/he} {is}n\'t lit. '
playerActionMessages.okayExtinguishCandle 'Done. '
playerActionMessages.okayExtinguishMatch '{You/he} put{s} out {the dobj/him}, which disappear{s} into a cloud of ash. '
npcActionMessages.okayExtinguishCandle '{You/he} extinguish{es} {the dobj/him}. '