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Panels Ideas

These are the ones that didn't make it into our schedule. Maybe next year.

  • Discussion on puzzles as a way to tell story, not just a pacing device or way to control access
  • Grue Street IF writer's workshop. (Somewhat modified to be a public event. People bring in-progress IF work, we play them together and critique.)
  • Moving from inspiration to design -- A lot of IF authors get lost in the steps from 'I want to write IF!' to how to go about doing so, so go through various starting points ("I want to evoke this kind of mood", "I want to explore this theme", "I want to emulate this kind of non-IF story", "I want to play with this kind of mechanic") and discuss how you'd go from there to fleshing out your ideas to picking a design process. (Participants: Aaron Reed, ???)