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Try to remember that a trope is supposed to be a repeated element, and that this wiki is supposedly about IF. I can't help but look at a page like this and think that people have lost their focus. Tech may well be a trope in IF, but not as presented here. Travelling by bicycle or jeep is not commonplace in IF, for example, and hardly representative of the trope. If you want to list every possible bit of technology, that's a page for Wikipedia. not here. Describe or list tech as is actually used in IF, please, not as it might be.

Furthermore, I thought the discussion at Talk:IF Cliches more-or-less favoured the pro-con approach to tropes. What are the advantages of using technology in IF, or why should you use it? What are the disadvantages of using technology in IF, or why shouldn't you use it? -- David Welbourn 05:40, 31 Oct 2005 (Central Standard Time)

  • Yeah. Trope pages should largely be descriptive, maybe with a bit of theory discussion in the pro-con sections. Help pages should, I think, be allowed to be a bit more speculative - discussing possible applications of a mirror or common weapons, even if those applications don't appear in any existing game - but trope pages are (usually) not help pages. Technology is such an enormous subject - everything made by a human, essentially - that I'm doubtful as to whether any page on it will be able to be both useful and comprehensive. I'm kind of opposed to Enormous Lists of Things you Might Put in Your Game, because they're essentially infinite and generally aren't pertinent to IF any more than they are to other media. -- Maga 06:30, 31 Oct 2005 (Central Standard Time)