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* [http://www.drizzle.com/~dans/if/comp05.html ] and [http://www.drizzle.com/~dans/if/think-player.html] by [[Dan Shiovitz]]
* [http://www.drizzle.com/~dans/if/comp05.html ] and [http://www.drizzle.com/~dans/if/think-player.html Think Like a Player!] by [[Dan Shiovitz]]
* [http://diden.net/~maga/sam_comp05reviews.html] by [[Sam Kabo Ashwell]]
* [http://diden.net/~maga/sam_comp05reviews.html] by [[Sam Kabo Ashwell]]
* [http://www.allthingsjacq.com/intficreview_comp05.html] by [[Jacqueline A. Lott]]
* [http://www.allthingsjacq.com/intficreview_comp05.html] by [[Jacqueline A. Lott]]

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The 11th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition is currently being organized by Stephen Granade.

2005 IF Comp Schedule

  • May 2: The IF Comp 2005 website is "open for business".
  • September 1: Intent deadline. Authors intending to enter the competition must sign up via the IF Comp database by the end of this date.
  • September 30: Submission deadline. Authors must upload their entries to the IF Comp website.
  • October 1: Games were released; judging period begins.
  • November 15: Voting deadline.

Note: All deadlines are at 11:59 P.M. Eastern Standard Time for their given day.


  1. Vespers (Jason Devlin; Z-code).
  2. Beyond (Mondi Confinanti; Glulx).
    A New Life (Alexandre Owen Muñiz; Z-code).
  3. Distress (Mike Snyder; Hugo).
  4. Tough Beans (Sara Dee; Z-code).
  5. The Colour Pink (Robert Street; Z-code).
  6. Unforgotten (Quintin Pan; Z-code).
  7. Snatches (Gregory Weir; Z-code).
  8. Chancellor (Kevin Venzke; TADS 2).
  9. Internal Vigilance (Simon Christiansen; Z-code).
  10. Escape to New York (Richard Otter; Adrift).
  11. Mortality (David Whyld; Adrift).
  12. History Repeating (Mark Choba and Renee Choba; Z-code).
  13. Vendetta (James Hall as "Fuyu Yuki"; Adrift).
  14. Son of a... (C.S. Woodrow; Z-code).
  15. Xen: The Contest (Ian Shlasko as "Xentor"; TADS 2).
    Gilded (A Hazard; TADS 2).
  16. Mix Tape (Brett Witty; TADS 3).
    Waldo's Pie (Michael Arnaud; Alan 3).
  17. Off the trolley (Krisztian Kaldi; TADS 2).
  18. Psyche's Lament (Now We Have Faces; Z-code).
  19. The Plague (Redux) (Laurence Moore as "Cannibal"; Adrift).
  20. Sabotage on the Century Cauldron (Thomas de Graaff; TADS 2).
  21. On Optimism (Zach Flynn as "Tim Lane"; Z-code).
  22. Space Horror I: Prey for Your Enemies (Jerald M. Cooney; MS-Windows/HTML).
  23. Cheiron (Sarah Clelland and Elisabeth Polli; Glulx).
  24. Neon Nirvana (Tony Woods; Z-code).
  25. The Sword of Malice (Anthony Panuccio; Z-code).
  26. Dreary Lands (Paul Lee; Z-code).
  27. Hello Sword - The journey a.k.a. Hello Sword - Il viaggio (Andrea Rezzonico; Z-code). English and Italian versions.
  28. Phantom: caverns of the killer (Brandon Coker; Z-code).
  29. Amissville II (Santoonie Corporation; TADS 2).
  30. FutureGame (tm) (The FutureGame Corporation; Z-code).
    Jesus of Nazareth (Paul Allen Panks as "dunric"; MS-Windows).
  31. PTBAD6andoneeighth (Jonathan Berman as "Slan Xorax"; Adrift).
  32. Ninja II (Paul Allen Panks as "Dunric"; MS-Windows).

2005 Miss Congeniality Awards

These awards were voted by the authors of the entries.

  1. Vespers (Jason Devlin; Z-code).
  2. A New Life (Alexandre Owen Muñiz; Z-code).
  3. The Plague (Redux) (Laurence Moore as "Cannibal"; Adrift).