19th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition

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Competition Schedule

As per the competition schedule webpage.

  • June 25: The web site is open for business.
  • September 1: Deadline for submission of intents.
  • September 28: Deadline for entries.
  • September 29: Entries released to the public.
  • November 15: Voting deadline.

Deadlines are at 11:59 P.M. Eastern Standard Time on the day listed above.


35 games were released on 29-Sep-2013 (not counting one disqualified game):

Disqualified entry:



SPOILER WARNING: the following links contain (potentially spoilery) reviews of games from this IF Comp. You might prefer to wait until you've played the games before reading them, if you intend to judge the competition and don't want to be influenced.

See also: IF Comp 2013: Links and other reviews, IFComp 2013 blogs and IFComp 2013 Game Discussion.

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