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==2002 IF Comp Results==
==2002 IF Comp Results==
<li>''Another Earth, Another Sky'' ([[Paul O'Brian]]; [[Glulx]]).</li>
<li>''[[Another Earth, Another Sky]]'' ([[Paul O'Brian]]; [[Glulx]]).</li>
<li>''Till Death Makes a Monk-Fish Out of Me!'' ([[Mike Sousa]] and [[Jon Ingold]]; [[TADS 2]]).</li>
<li>''[[Till Death Makes a Monk-Fish Out of Me!]]'' ([[Mike Sousa]] and [[Jon Ingold]]; [[TADS 2]]).</li>
<li>''Photograph'' ([[Steve Evans]]; [[Z-code]]).</li>
<li>''[[Photograph]]'' ([[Steve Evans]]; [[Z-code]]).</li>
<li>''The Moonlit Tower'' ([[Yoon Ha Lee]]; [[Z-code]]).</li>
<li>''[[The Moonlit Tower]]'' ([[Yoon Ha Lee]]; Z-code).</li>
<li>''Janitor'' ([[Peter Seebach]] and [[Kevin Lynn]]; [[Z-code]]).</li>
<li>''[[Janitor]]'' ([[Peter Seebach]] and [[Kevin Lynn]]; Z-code).</li>
<li>''Tke PK Girl'' ([[Robert Goodwin]]; [[Adrift]]).</li>
<li>''[[Tke PK Girl]]'' ([[Robert Goodwin]]; [[Adrift]]).</li>
<li>''Tookie's Song'' ([[Jessica Knoch]]; [[Z-code]]).</li>
<li>''[[Tookie's Song]]'' ([[Jessica Knoch]]; Z-code).</li>
<li>''Fort Aegea'' ([[Francesco Bova]]; [[Z-code]]).</li>
<li>''[[Fort Aegea]]'' ([[Francesco Bova]]; Z-code).</li>
<li>''The Temple'' ([[Johan Berntsson]]; [[Z-code]]).</li>
<li>''[[The Temple]]'' ([[Johan Berntsson]]; Z-code).</li>
<li>''Jane'' ([[Joseph Grzesiak]]; [[Z-code]]).</li>
<li>''[[Jane]]'' ([[Joseph Grzesiak]]; Z-code).</li>
<li>''MythTale'' ([[Temari Seikaiha]]; [[Z-code]]).</li>
<li>''[[MythTale]]'' ([[Temari Seikaiha]]; Z-code).</li>
<li>''Unravelling God'' ([[Todd Watson]]; [[Adrift]]).</li>
<li>''[[Unravelling God]]'' ([[Todd Watson]]; Adrift).</li>
<li>''Identity Thief'' ([[Rob Shaw-Fuller]]; [[Z-code]]); tied with<br>''Augustine'' ([[Terrence V. Koch]]; [[TADS 2]]).</li>
<li>''[[Identity Thief]]'' ([[Rob Shaw-Fuller]]; Z-code); tied with<br>''[[Augustine]]'' ([[Terrence V. Koch]]; TADS 2).</li>
<li value=15>''Rent-A-Spy'' ([[John Eriksson]]; [[Z-code]]).</li>
<li value=15>''[[Rent-A-Spy]]'' ([[John Eriksson]]; Z-code).</li>
<li>''The Granite Book'' ([[James Mitchelhill]]; [[TADS 2]]); tied with<br>''Eric's Gift'' ([[Joao Mendes]]; [[TADS 3]]).</li>
<li>''[[The Granite Book]]'' ([[James Mitchelhill]]; TADS 2); tied with<br>''[[Eric's Gift]]'' ([[Joao Mendes]]; [[TADS 3]]).</li>
<li value=18>''When Help Collides'' ([[J. D. Berry]]; [[Z-code]]).</li>
<li value=18>''[[When Help Collides]]'' ([[J. D. Berry]]; Z-code).</li>
<li>''Evacuate'' ([[Jeff Rissman]]; [[TADS 2]]); tied with<br>''Constraints'' ([[Martin Bays]]; [[Z-code]]).</li>
<li>''Evacuate'' ([[Jeff Rissman]]; [[TADS 2]]); tied with<br>''Constraints'' ([[Martin Bays]]; Z-code).</li>
<li value=21>''Sun and Moon'' ([[David Brain]]; HTML).</li>
<li value=21>''[[Sun and Moon]]'' ([[David Brain]]; HTML).</li>
<li>''Not Much Time'' ([[Tyson Ibele]]; [[TADS 2]]).</li>
<li>''[[Not Much Time]]'' ([[Tyson Ibele]]; TADS 2).</li>
<li>''Hell: A Comedy of Errors'' ([[John Evans]]; [[Z-code]]).</li>
<li>''[[Hell: A Comedy of Errors]]'' ([[John Evans]]; Z-code).</li>
<li>''Out of the Study'' ([[Anssi Raisanen]]; [[Alan]]); tied with<br>''Color and Number'' ([[Steven Kollmansberger]]; [[TADS 2]]).</li>
<li>''[[Out of the Study]]'' ([[Anssi Raisanen]]; [[Alan]]); tied with<br>''[[Color and Number]]'' ([[Steven Kollmansberger]]; TADS 2).</li>
<li value=26>''BOFH'' ([[Howard Sherman]]; [[Z-code]]).</li>
<li value=26>''[[BOFH]]'' ([[Howard Sherman]]; Z-code).</li>
<li>''The Case of Samuel Gregor'' ([[Stephen Hilderbrand]]; [[Z-code]]).</li>
<li>''[[The Case of Samuel Gregor]]'' ([[Stephen Hilderbrand]]; Z-code).</li>
<li>''A Party to Murder'' ([[David Good]]; [[Adrift]]).</li>
<li>''[[A Party to Murder]]'' ([[David Good]]; Adrift).</li>
<li>''Screen'' ([[Edward Floren]]; [[Z-code]]).</li>
<li>''[[Screen]]'' ([[Edward Floren]]; Z-code).</li>
<li>''Concrete Paradise'' ([[Tyson Ibele]]; [[TADS 2]]).</li>
<li>''[[Concrete Paradise]]'' ([[Tyson Ibele]]; TADS 2).</li>
<li>''Scary House Amulet!'' ([[Ricardo Dague]]; [[Z-code]]).</li>
<li>''[[Scary House Amulet!]]'' ([[Ricardo Dague]]; Z-code).</li>
<li>''coffee quest II'' ([[Dog Solitude]]; [[TADS 2]]).</li>
<li>''[[Coffee Quest II]]'' ([[Dog Solitude]]; TADS 2).</li>
<li>''Four Mile Island'' ([[Chris Charla]]; MS-DOS).</li>
<li>''[[Four Mile Island]]'' ([[Chris Charla]]; MS-DOS).</li>
<li>''Moonbase'' ([[Mike Eckardt]]; [[TADS 2]]).</li>
<li>''[[Moonbase]]'' ([[Mike Eckardt]]; TADS 2).</li>
<li>''Koan'' ([[Esa Peuha]]; [[Z-code]]).</li>
<li>''[[Koan]]'' ([[Esa Peuha]]; Z-code).</li>
<li>''Ramon and Jonathan'' ([[Daniele A. Gewurz]]; [[Z-code]]).</li>
<li>''[[Ram&oacute;n and Jonathan]]'' ([[Daniele A. Gewurz]]; Z-code).</li>
<li>''Terrible Lizards'' ([[Alan Mead]] and [[Ian Mead]]; [[TADS 2]]).</li>
<li>''[[Terrible Lizards]]'' ([[Alan Mead]] and [[Ian Mead]]; TADS 2).</li>
<li>''Blade Sentinel'' ([[Mihalis Georgostathis]]; [[Quest (Language)|Quest]]).</li>
<li>''[[Blade Sentinel]]'' ([[Mihalis Georgostathis]]; [[Quest (Language)|Quest]]).</li>

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The 8th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition was organized by Stephen Granade.

2002 IF Comp Results

  1. Another Earth, Another Sky (Paul O'Brian; Glulx).
  2. Till Death Makes a Monk-Fish Out of Me! (Mike Sousa and Jon Ingold; TADS 2).
  3. Photograph (Steve Evans; Z-code).
  4. The Moonlit Tower (Yoon Ha Lee; Z-code).
  5. Janitor (Peter Seebach and Kevin Lynn; Z-code).
  6. Tke PK Girl (Robert Goodwin; Adrift).
  7. Tookie's Song (Jessica Knoch; Z-code).
  8. Fort Aegea (Francesco Bova; Z-code).
  9. The Temple (Johan Berntsson; Z-code).
  10. Jane (Joseph Grzesiak; Z-code).
  11. MythTale (Temari Seikaiha; Z-code).
  12. Unravelling God (Todd Watson; Adrift).
  13. Identity Thief (Rob Shaw-Fuller; Z-code); tied with
    Augustine (Terrence V. Koch; TADS 2).
  14. Rent-A-Spy (John Eriksson; Z-code).
  15. The Granite Book (James Mitchelhill; TADS 2); tied with
    Eric's Gift (Joao Mendes; TADS 3).
  16. When Help Collides (J. D. Berry; Z-code).
  17. Evacuate (Jeff Rissman; TADS 2); tied with
    Constraints (Martin Bays; Z-code).
  18. Sun and Moon (David Brain; HTML).
  19. Not Much Time (Tyson Ibele; TADS 2).
  20. Hell: A Comedy of Errors (John Evans; Z-code).
  21. Out of the Study (Anssi Raisanen; Alan); tied with
    Color and Number (Steven Kollmansberger; TADS 2).
  22. BOFH (Howard Sherman; Z-code).
  23. The Case of Samuel Gregor (Stephen Hilderbrand; Z-code).
  24. A Party to Murder (David Good; Adrift).
  25. Screen (Edward Floren; Z-code).
  26. Concrete Paradise (Tyson Ibele; TADS 2).
  27. Scary House Amulet! (Ricardo Dague; Z-code).
  28. Coffee Quest II (Dog Solitude; TADS 2).
  29. Four Mile Island (Chris Charla; MS-DOS).
  30. Moonbase (Mike Eckardt; TADS 2).
  31. Koan (Esa Peuha; Z-code).
  32. Ramón and Jonathan (Daniele A. Gewurz; Z-code).
  33. Terrible Lizards (Alan Mead and Ian Mead; TADS 2).
  34. Blade Sentinel (Mihalis Georgostathis; Quest).

2002 Miss Congeniality Awards

These awards were voted by the authors of the entries.

  1. Till Death Makes a Monk-Fish Out of Me! (Mike Sousa and Jon Ingold; TADS 2).
  2. Another Earth, Another Sky (Paul O'Brian; Glulx).
  3. Janitor (Peter Seebach and Kevin Lynn; Z-code).