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==Three Hour Competition 2004==
==Three Hour Competition 2004==
# ''[[Briefcase]]'' ([[Woodfish]]). [http://ultranine.novahost.org/shadowvault/games/briefcase.taf Download].
# ''[[Briefcase]]'' ([[Woodfish]]).  
# ''[[Jailbreak Bob]]'' ([[David Whyld]]). [http://ultranine.novahost.org/shadowvault/games/jailbreakbob.taf Download].
# ''[[Jailbreak Bob]]'' ([[David Whyld]]).  
# ''[[Zombie Cow]]'' ([[Amber Rollins-Walker]]). [http://ultranine.novahost.org/shadowvault/games/zombiecow.taf Download].
# ''[[Zombie Cow]]'' ([[Amber Rollins-Walker]]).  
# ''[[Lost Souls]]'' ([[Mel S]]). [http://ultranine.novahost.org/shadowvault/games/lostsouls.taf Download].
# ''[[Lost Souls]]'' ([[Mel S]]).  
# ''[[The Amulet]]'' ([[Daniel Hiebert]]). [http://ultranine.novahost.org/shadowvault/games/amulet.taf Download].
# ''[[The Amulet]]'' ([[Daniel Hiebert]]).  
# ''[[Shadrick's Travels]]'' ([[Mystery]]). [http://ultranine.novahost.org/shadowvault/games/shadrick1.taf Download].
# ''[[Shadrick's Travels]]'' ([[Mystery]]).  
# ''[[Annihilation of Think.com]]'' ([[Adam Dundas]]).
# ''[[Annihilation of Think.com]]'' ([[Adam Dundas]]).

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The 1st Three Hour Comp June 2004 was organized by Woodfish.


This competition followed the rules of the previous one-hour competitions, but this time, you had to make your ADRIFT game in THREE HOURS or less (give or take ten minutes). Brief planning on paper is allowed - writing it in over three hours then copying it into the Generator in two minutes is not. The deadline for entries is 30th June 2004.

Three Hour Competition 2004

  1. Briefcase (Woodfish).
  2. Jailbreak Bob (David Whyld).
  3. Zombie Cow (Amber Rollins-Walker).
  4. Lost Souls (Mel S).
  5. The Amulet (Daniel Hiebert).
  6. Shadrick's Travels (Mystery).
  7. Annihilation of Think.com (Adam Dundas).