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An acronym for "Adult Interactive Fiction" that implies the game deals with adult themes or situations.

The AIF community is, in many ways, divided from the IF community proper. A relatively high proportion of AIF games are written in Adrift, with TADS and Inform also popular options, and several AIF authors are early adopters of TADS 3, possibly due to its sophisticated conversation system. Few AIF games are entered in the IF Competition, and AIF authors rarely post to; instead the bulk of AIF discussion takes place on the Yahoo! group aifarchive (formerly, discussion took place on Usenet, in the newsgroup, but that has been largely abandoned since the creation of the aifarchive group). The majority of AIF games are not uploaded to the IF Archive, but instead appear in other places such as The Portal, Matrix Moles AIF Archive, or various Yahoo! groups pages. The majority of AIF is largely pornographic in motive. Much of it contains little in the way of literary interest.

However, the line is far from clear. Many authors without a centrally-AIF focus have written games which can be considered AIF, such as Adam Cadre's I-0 (Jailbait on the Interstate) and Robb Sherwin's Chix Dig Jerks. James Mitchelhill's much-derided Kallisti is the best-known of the handful of AIF games entered in the IF Competition, and is certainly literary in intent. Likewise there are a number of AIF games that include quality programming, interesting puzzles, and/or good writing. The AIF community is quite active; there is a newsletter and of course an annual competition called the Erins. A recent addition to the AIF scene is the new portal, which includes forums, downloads and game reviews. This new site supplants the old AIF Portal.


The great majority of AIF has a male protagonist, although there are exceptions. Games routinely cover sexually taboo subjects, but the vast majority involve only heterosexual or lesbian content (the principal exception being the transgendered BDSM game Depravity Bites).

Although they necessarily have a strong focus on NPCs, interaction tends to be somewhat limited and few contain conversation systems; a standard model involves perfunctory seduction performed by simple puzzles, followed by detailed sex involving a great many body-part objects.


The genre has attracted several parodies, notably Adam Thornton's Stiffy Makane: The Undiscovered Country, a parody of the truly atrocious The Incredible Erotic Adventures of Stiffy Makane; and Blow Job Drifter by Big Al.