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** {{babel wanted}}
** {{babel wanted}}
** [[InsideADRIFT End of Year Comp 2005]]: 5th place (4-way tie).
** [[InsideADRIFT End of Year Comp 2005]]: 5th place (4-way tie).
** Download <tt>[http://ultranine.novahost.org/shadowvault/spotofbother.taf spotofbother.taf]</tt> from the author's website, [[Shadow Vault]].
** Download <tt>[http://www.delron.org.uk/games/spotofbother.zip spotofbother.zip]</tt> from [[Delron]].
** {{download wanted}} - from [[Delron]].

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How It Begins


Release TBD


General info


The Bulldog series by David Whyld
A Spot Of Bother (2005)
The Warlord, The Princess & The Bulldog (2006)


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