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== Porting Credits ==
== Porting Credits ==
* <i>[[Wry Humor]]</i> (2013; [[Z-code]]). Z-machine port of <i>[[Wry Humor]]</i> ([[Erik]]; 2000; [[QBASIC]]).
* <i>[[Wry Humor]]</i> (2013; [[Z-code]]). Z-machine port of <i>[[Wry Humor]]</i> (Erik <!-- probably not [[Erik]], though -->; 2000; [[QBASIC]]).
== Tech Credits ==
== Tech Credits ==

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Aaron Black is also known as User:Zzo38, and on ifMUD as "zzo38" or "#20071". Some of this person's text adventure games and other things may be considered not very good by some people due to being very difference from others and a different kind of game design philosophy (others disagree).

Author Credits

Porting Credits

Tech Credits

  • Aimfiz (Z-machine interpreter).
  • Fweep (Z-machine interpreter).
  • Frolg (Z-machine assembler).

Organizational Credits