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Aimfiz is a Z-machine interpreter written in C and SDL, and is license under GNU GPL v3 or later version.

It support Z-machine versions 1 to 5, 7-INF, 8-INF, 9-ZZO, and 10-ZZO.

These features are currently unsupported but the author intends to add support soon:

  • Scroll back
  • Auxiliary files
  • Transcripts
  • Input logs
  • Aliases

These features might be supported in later versions, although they are of a lesser priority:

  • Sound (in Infocom format)
  • Font 2 (if Infocom did in fact define it)

These features will never be supported:

  • Blorb
  • Unicode
  • Variable-pitch text

The author expects you to complain in the talk page of this article and in the ifMUD.

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