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Aimfiz is a Z-machine interpreter written in C and SDL, and is license under GNU GPL v3 or later version.

Some of the features are:

  • It support Z-machine versions 1 to 5, 7-INF, 8-INF, 9-ZZO, and 10-ZZO.
  • Both text aliases and key aliases are supported.
  • Scrollback is supposed with a user-defined buffer size.
  • Timer, undo, and mouse can be disabled.
  • The speed of the timer can be adjusted.
  • You can override the interpreter's decision of if the game is pirated or not, and if the game is verified or not.
  • Plugins can be loaded for implementing EXT opcodes.
  • Font 3 is supported using Amiga runes.
  • The interpreter number can be changed (it is set to 4 by default, because of the Font 3 variant it uses).
  • The ZSAVE format is supported for save games.
  • All of the keys of the Z-machine is supported.
  • Z-machine one button mouse is supported (currently the other two buttons do nothing, although a later version of this interpreter might add functions for them).
  • Auxiliary files are supported with a ZAUX archive.
  • There is a master configuration file and each game can also have its own configuration file.

These features are currently unsupported but the author intends to add support soon:

  • Transcripts
  • Input logs
  • Extended input line editing feature

These features might be supported in later versions, although they might not going to be implemented:

  • Sound (in Infocom format)
  • Font 2 (if Infocom did in fact define it)
  • Upper window of version 3

These features will never be supported:

  • Blorb
  • Unicode
  • Variable-pitch text
  • Built-in compensation for specific games

The author expects you to complain in the talk page of this article and in the ifMUD. Other features not mentioned here might also be added in the future.

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