BetaComp 2003

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Beta-Test Comp 2003 was a minicomp organized by Jessica Knoch which ran from August 15–30, 2003. Unlike every other IF minicomp, entrants did not submit games. Instead, entrants were asked to download Jessica's game, Undersea Adventure, and submit a beta-testing report. These reports would be judged by Jessica in the following categories: Organization, Clarity, Thoroughness, and Ability to criticize.

There were eight entrants, and in a lengthy post to, all of them were declared winners thusly:

  • Best Organization of A Beta-Test Report: Xander Deubelbeiss
  • Most Thorough Listing of Missing Synonyms and Good Suggestions: Esa A. Peuha
  • Most Attempts to Flatter a Judge: Jennifer Maddox
  • Best Criticism of the Plot: Mike Jones
  • Best Overall Criticism on All Aspects of the Game and Best Comments on Grammar: Adam Thornton
  • Best Remarks on Puzzles and Most Bugs Caught: Quintin Stone
  • Finding the Most Serious Bugs That No One, Yes, No One Else Mentioned: Søren Løvborg
  • The winner of the Best Beta-Test Report for the 2003 Beta-Test Competition: Matthew A. Murray