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* 1st April 2012: ''[[The Green Mountains]]'' ([[Clark Radwin]]; 2011; Glulx) and ''[[Centipede]]'' ([[J. Robinson Wheeler]]; 2001; Z-code).
* 1st April 2012: ''[[The Green Mountains]]'' ([[Clark Radwin]]; 2011; Glulx) and ''[[Centipede]]'' ([[J. Robinson Wheeler]]; 2001; Z-code).
* 8th April 2012: ''[[Muggle Studies]]'' ([[M. Flourish Klink]]; 2012; Glulx).
* 8th April 2012: ''[[Muggle Studies]]'' ([[M. Flourish Klink]]; 2012; Glulx).
* 15th April 2012: TBD.
* 15th April 2012: Games of [[Apollo 18+20]]: ''[[Dig My Grave]]'' ([[Ryan Veeder]]; 2012; Z-code), ''[[I Palindrome I]]'' ([[Nick Montfort]]; 2012; Javascript), ''[[She's Actual Size]]'' ([[Jake Eakle; 2012; Glulx), ''[[My Evil Twin]]'' ([[Carl Muckenhoupt]]; 2012; Z-code), ''[[Mammal]]'' ([[Joey Jones]]; 2012; Z-code), and ''[[Fingertips: I Hear the Wind Blow]]'' ([[Jacqueline A. Lott]]; 2012; Glulx).
* 18th April 2012: ''[[A Comedy of Error Messages]]'' ([[Adam Le Doux]]; 2011; Z-code). This was our first "NightFloyd" session on Wednesday nights.
* 18th April 2012: ''[[A Comedy of Error Messages]]'' ([[Adam Le Doux]]; 2011; Z-code). This was our first "NightFloyd" session on Wednesday nights.
* 22nd April 2012: Further games of Apollo 18+20: ''[[The Statue Got Me High]]'' ([[Ryan Veeder]]; 2012; Z-code), ''[[Spider]]'' ([[Andrew Schultz]]; 2012; Z-code) and ''[[The Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight)]]'' ([[Jason B. Alonso]], [[Catherine Havasi]], and [[Val Grimm]]; Z-code).
* 29th April 2012: Further games of Apollo 18+20: ''[[Dinner Bell]]'' ([[Jenni Polodna]]; 2012; Z-code), ''[[Hall of Heads]]'' ([[Dan Efran]] with [['Becca Stallings]]; 2012; Z-code), and ''[[See the Constellation]]'' ([[Ed Blair]]; 2012; Z-code).
* 6th May 2012: Further games of Apollo 18+20: ''[[Which Describes How You're Feeling]]'' ([[Adam Parrish]]; 2012; Glulx), ''[[If I Wasn't Shy]]'' ([[Joey Jones]]; 2012; Z-code), ''[[Turn Around]]'' ([[Andrew Schultz]]; 2012; Glulx), and ''[[Hypnotist of Ladies]]'' ([[David Cornelson]]; 2012; Z-code).
* 13th May 2012: Further games of Apollo 18+20: ''[[Fingertips: Everything Is Catching On Fire]]'' ([[E. Joyce]]; 2012; Z-code]]), ''[[Fingertips: Fingertips]]'' ([[Michael Hilborn]]; 2012; Z-code), ''[[Fingertips: Hey Now, Everybody]]'' ([[Melvin Rangasamy]]; 2012; Z-code), ''[[Fingertips: Who's That Standing Out the Window]]'' ([[Melvin Rangasamy]]; 2012; Z-code), ''[[Fingertips: I Found a New Friend]]'' ([[Adri]]; 2012; Z-code), ''[[Fingertips: Come On and Wreck My Car]]'' ([[Paul Laroquod]]; 2012; Z-code), and ''[[Fingertips: Aren't You the Guy Who Hit Me in the Eye?]]'' ([[Michael Hilborn]]; 2012; Z-code).
===Games to be played===
===Games to be played===
* 15th April 2012 and later: the [[Apollo 18+20: The IF Tribute Album]] games.
* 17th November 2012 and later: the winners of the [[18th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition]].

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ClubFloyd was founded on September 2, 2007. The idea behind it is that each week at a pre-arranged time (currently Sundays at half-past-noon Eastern), people can meet online to cooperatively play a game of interactive fiction.

Games are played via the Floyd bot located in the Toyshop and Floyditorium, just southwest of the Adventurer's Lounge in ifMud. (The magic word "toyshop" can be used to teleport there directly.)

Currently, which game to play is decided at the beginning of the session by asking players to vote from a list of games at surveymonkey. Whichever game gets the most votes is what gets played.

Originally, which game to play and when to play it was decided on in advance via the use of the ClubFloyd Suggestions object (located in the Toyshop and Floyditorium). The suggestions object text reads:

*** Welcome to ClubFloyd! ***

ClubFloyd meets here each Sunday at noon Eastern. If you'd like to know what we'll be playing each week, it's generally posted to the #ClubFloyd bb here on ifMUD, as well as to the RSS feed at http://www.allthingsjacq.com/cf-feed.xml (if you're on LiveJournal, you could also put lj user ClubFloyd on your flist).

To see how things work, you can read through past transcripts at http://www.allthingsjacq.com/interactive_fiction.html#clubfloyd

ClubFloyd games absolutely must be programmed in ADRIFT, AGT, Choice Script, Glulx, Hugo, Inform, or TADS (2 or 3) because those are the only games that run on our bot, Floyd. PLEASE ALSO NOTE: As of March 2011 there is no longer a two hour game time constraint, as we have decided to try playing some longer games over multiple ClubFloyd sessions.

Here is a list of games that have been suggested in the past:
Above Far, Anchorhead, Alabaster, All Things Devours, The Apprentice, Augmented Fourth, Babel, Beyond, Bronze, Centipede, The Coast House, The Cruise, Delusions, Down, EGC, Paper Chase, Episode in the Life of an Artist, Eric the Power-Mad Dungeon Master, Foggywood Hijinx, For A Change, Glass, Gourmet, Heroes, Kaged, LASH, Letters from Home, Make it Good, Matha's Big Date, Mobius, Moments Out of Time, A New Day, Once and Future, Operate!, Photopia, The Plant, The Questionable Substitute, Risorgimento Represso, Savoir-Faire, Scary House Amulet!, Shade, Six Stories, Slouching Towards Bedlam, So Far, Vespers

To suggest another game, sign this object:


  • ClubFrançois was the nickname of a special all-French session on 18th July 2010.
  • NightFloyd is a night-time version of ClubFloyd that currently runs on Tuesday nights, 10 pm Eastern. The first NightFloyd session was on Wednesday 18th April 2012 at 10 pm Eastern and hosted by genericgeekgirl. NightFloyd also seems to be favoring longer games that require several sessions to complete.


The quick way to tell Floyd to do something is with the "f" command, e.g.:

  • f take keys is the same as the mud command ..Floyd take keys

You can also whisper to Floyd with the "wf" command, but whispering to Floyd is discouraged during ClubFloyd games.

There's two buttons in the Toyshop to help players tell Floyd to push the spacebar or enter key:

  • push green button or push space or push spacebar tells Floyd to push the spacebar.
  • push yellow button or push enter or push return tells Floyd to push the enter key.

There is also an 'automatic' saving tool in the Toyshop which will keep track of multiple save points.

  • push save tells Floyd to save the game. Each time you push this button, the save file changes sequentially.
  • push restore tells Floyd to restore the last save point.
  • reset save clears the save counter so that it's ready to use in a new game.

Originally, there was no way to display the status bar from a game. A new experimental terp by vimes, introduced in 2012, is designed just for ClubFloyd and not only displays the status bar, but also marks up where bold and italic text appears in the game output.

Games played

Games played from 2007 to 2010

See the archive page: ClubFloyd/Games played in 2007 to 2010.

Games played in 2011

Games played in 2012

Games to be played