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{{game infobox|title=Die Feuerfaust|image=[[Image:feuerfaust.png]]
{{game infobox|title=Die Feuerfaust|image=[[Image:feuerfaust.png]]
|author=[[Larry Horsfield]]|publisher=n/a|released=2016|authsystem=[[ADRIFT]] 5|platform=ADRIFT 5|language=English|license=Freeware|color=optional|graphics=optional|sound=none|cruelty=Tough}}
|author=[[Larry Horsfield]]|publisher=n/a|released=2016|authsystem=[[ADRIFT]] 5, [[PAW]]|platform=ADRIFT 5, [[Spectrum]]|language=English|license=Freeware|color=optional|graphics=optional|sound=none|cruelty=Tough}}
==How It Begins==
==How It Begins==
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===Version 1===
===PAW Version===
''Die Feuerfaust'' aka. The Fist of Fire (1995; published by [[The Adventure Workshop]]; [[Spectrum]]). Written with [[PAW]].
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===ADRIFT Version 1===
* ''Die Feuerfaust'' ([[Larry Horsfield]]; 2016; [[ADRIFT]] 5).
* ''Die Feuerfaust'' ([[Larry Horsfield]]; 2016; [[ADRIFT]] 5).
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** {{babel|ifid=ADRIFT-500-75E5-6F3A-4753-B718-9A85278F9|cover=yes}}
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{{DEFAULTSORT:Die Feuerfaust}}
{{DEFAULTSORT:Die Feuerfaust}}
[[Category:Works]] [[Category:Works in 2016]] [[Category:ADRIFT 5 works]]
[[Category:Works]] [[Category:Works in 2016]]  [[Category:Works in 1995]] [[Category:ADRIFT 5 works]] [[Category:Spectrum works]] [[Category:PAW works]]

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Die Feuerfaust
Author(s) Larry Horsfield
Publisher(s) n/a
Release date(s) 2016
Authoring system ADRIFT 5, PAW
Platform(s) ADRIFT 5, Spectrum
Language(s) English
License(s) Freeware
Color effects optional
Graphics optional
Sound/Music none
Cruelty scale Tough

How It Begins

You are Alaric Blackmoon, Duke of the Duchy of Charlton in the kingdom of Hecate. The stories of your exploits in finding the lost "Axe of Kolt" and solving the mystery of "The Spectre of Castle Coris" have spread far and wide, even across the seas.

Notable Features


PAW Version

Die Feuerfaust aka. The Fist of Fire (1995; published by The Adventure Workshop; Spectrum). Written with PAW.

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ADRIFT Version 1




The Adventures of Alaric Blackmoon series by Larry Horsfield

The Axe of Kolt (2014)
The Spectre of Castle Coris (2015)
Die Feuerfaust (2016)
The Fortress of Fear (2001)
The Lost Children (2016)