Fallacy of Dawn

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XYZZY Awards 2001
Best Individual NPC,
Best Writing
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XYZZY Awards 2001
Finalist - Best Game, Best Individual PC,
Best NPCs, Best Setting, Best Story
Fallacy of Dawn
Author(s) Robb Sherwin
Publisher(s) Jolt Country
Release date(s) 2001
Authoring system Hugo
Platform(s) Hugo
Language(s) English
License(s) Freeware
Color effects none
Graphics required
Sound/Music none
Cruelty scale Cruelty to be determined

How It Begins

In a substantial introduction, Delarion explains that he is working at Benji's Video Arcade; that he is addicted to a drug called rephasia; that he and his girlfriend Nevelle used to work as software pirates until they got caught, and she disappeared; and that Delarion was thrown into New Haz and rendered unable to operate or understand any electronic devices. His aim is to make enough money to get out of New Haz.

Delarion is in Benji's Arcade, carrying a quarter, a token dispenser and his pillcase.

Notable Features

  • Written in the first person singular.
  • Graphical windows display both the location and the NPC the player is interacting with.
  • Not AIF, but contains (in the words of Adam Thornton) a "completely optional and not-at-all-explicit sex scene".
  • Drug habit hunger puzzle.
  • Allows for ranged and melee combat. The status line includes meters for hit points and ree level.


Version 1.03

Version 1.04

  • Fallacy of Dawn (Robb Sherwin; 2001; Hugo).
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    • dawn.zip (5.7 MB): dawn.hex (gamefile), DAWN_GFX (graphics file), hewin.exe (Windows executable), newhaz.jpg (game map), readme.txt (readme). download.


General info


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