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==1995 IF Comp Results -- TADS Division==
==1995 IF Comp Results -- TADS Division==
<li>''Uncle Zebulon's Will'' ([[Magnus Olsson]]; [[TADS 2]]).</li>
<li>''[[Uncle Zebulon's Will]]'' ([[Magnus Olsson]]).</li>
<li>''Toonesia'' ([[Jacob Weinstein]] as "C. J. T. Spaulding"; [[TADS 2]]).</li>
<li>''[[Toonesia]]'' ([[Jacob Weinstein]] as "C. J. T. Spaulding").</li>
<li>''The One That Got Away'' ([[Leon Lin]] as "The Author"; [[TADS 2]]).</li>
<li>''[[The One That Got Away]]'' ([[Leon Lin]] as "The Author").</li>
<li>''A Night at the Museum Forever'' ([[Chris Angelini]]; [[TADS 2]]); tied with <br>''Undertow'' ([[Stephen Granade]]; [[TADS 2]]).</li>
<li>''[[A Night at the Museum Forever]]'' ([[Chris Angelini]]; tied with <br>''[[Undertow]]'' ([[Stephen Granade]]).</li>
<li value="6">''Undo'' ([[Neil deMause]] as "Null Dogmas"; [[TADS 2]]).</li>
<li value="6">''[[Undo (game)|Undo]]'' ([[Neil deMause]] as "Null Dogmas").</li>

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The First Annual Interactive Fiction Competition was created and organized by G. Kevin Wilson in 1995. Only Inform and TADS games were eligible, and were ranked in separate divisions; this changed in the following year.

1995 IF Comp Results -- Inform Division

  1. A Change in the Weather (Andrew Plotkin).
  2. The Mind Electric (Jason Dyer).
  3. The Magic Toyshop (Gareth Rees).
  4. MST3K1: Detective (C. E. Forman). Based on Detective (Matt Barringer; 1993; AGT, Z-code).
  5. All Quiet on the Library Front (Michael S. Phillips).
  6. Tube Trouble (Richard Tucker).

1995 IF Comp Results -- TADS Division

  1. Uncle Zebulon's Will (Magnus Olsson).
  2. Toonesia (Jacob Weinstein as "C. J. T. Spaulding").
  3. The One That Got Away (Leon Lin as "The Author").
  4. A Night at the Museum Forever (Chris Angelini; tied with
    Undertow (Stephen Granade).
  5. Undo (Neil deMause as "Null Dogmas").

Miss Congeniality Awards

These awards, voted by the authors of the entries, began in the following year.