First Annual Interactive Fiction Competition

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IF Comp 1995 was the first of the IF Comps, and was created and organized by Kevin Wilson. Only Inform and TADS games were eligible, and were ranked in separate divisions; this changed in the following year.

Inform Division Games

  1. A Change in the Weather, by Andrew Plotkin.
  2. The Mind Electric, by Jason Dyer.
  3. The Magic Toyshop, by Gareth Rees.
  4. MST3K1: Detective, by Christopher E. Forman, based on Detective by Matt Barringer.
  5. All Quiet on the Library Front, by Michael S. Phillips.
  6. Tube Trouble, by Richard Tucker.

TADS Division Games

  1. Uncle Zebulon's Will, Magnus Olsson.
  2. Toonesia, by Jacob Weinstein (as "C. J. T. Spaulding").
  3. The One That Got Away, by Leon Lin (as "The Author").
  4. A Night at the Museum Forever, by Chris Angelini;
    Undertow, by Stephen Granade (tie for 4th place).
  5. Undo, by Neil deMause (as "Null Dogmas").