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==External Resources==
==External Resources==
* [http://zzo38computer.org/zmachine/fweep.zip Download source codes and Win32 executable] (version 0.7)
* [http://zzo38computer.org/zmachine/fweep.zip Download source codes and Win32 executable] (version 0.7.2)

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Fweep is a very portable Z-machine interpreter written in C, and is license under GNU GPL v3 or later version.

It support Z-machine versions 1 to 5, 7-INF, 8-INF, 9-ZZO, and 10-ZZO. Unsupported features:

  • Upper window
  • Text formatting
  • Fonts
  • Colors
  • Pictures
  • Unicode
  • Sound effects (other than beep, and only one tone)
  • Timed input

The status line is supported, but it won't automatically be displayed; you have to use an escape command (defined on command-line parameters) to view it.

This program uses interpreter number 1 (11 if Tandy mode is selected), and has some minimal debugging features. Many things that the specification recommends are errors, though, instead aren't errors but do what seems most reasonable to me (technically, they are undefined, so doing this is OK, but don't depend on it when writing Z-machine story files).

Due to the number of unsupported features, it uses a "Flags 3" in the header at position $30 and $31 to specify this (not for version 6 games), although it tries to emulate (or ignore, as appropriate) these features to some extent if a game tries to use them anyways.

Some of these unimplemented features (except for Unicode, which the author of this program does not wish to implement; the other feature the author does not wish to implement is compensation for specific games) are implemented in the Aimfiz interpreter.

The author expects you to complain in the talk page of this article and in the ifMUD.

External Resources