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Hugo is an abbreviation for the Hugo Interactive Fiction Development System, a freeware programming language developed by Kent Tessman for creating IF games. Its structure and style of programming is similar to Inform 6 and TADS 2, making use of both attribute-setting/clearing and class inheritance in defining objects. It inherits Inform's strong "object tree" structure in dealing with manipulation of objects (e.g., when a mug is being sent to the player, this is written as "move mug to you" ['you' being the chosen label for the player character]), as well as TADS's usage of pre-defined object classes (such as 'scenery', 'character' and 'attachable') in further defining object behavior.

Hugo 3.1 offers the following multimedia support : MOD, S3M, MP3, MIDI, XM, WAV for sounds, JPG for images, AVI and MPEG for videos.

The latest stable release is 3.1.03 / January 5, 2006.


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