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Welcome to the Interactive Fiction Wiki
Monday, October 14, 2019

The Land of FAQ

Feature Article

Nick Montfort created the Frequently Asked Questions article licensed under the Creative Commons 2.0 license. There is another article by David Fisher that lists Past raif topics. Check these articles out if you have a question. It's probably already been asked or the topic already discussed.   "IF is now being written by many types of people, for many reasons, as freeware or for sale, and distributed in a wide range of places. It is harder than ever to follow what is going on, and also there is a greater than ever variety to the works and players."
--Emily Short, "Brief Bibliography about IF History," April 2016.

What's new in the IF scene:

Still going strong:

Previous features: IF Outreach, IF Cover Art Drive, ClubFloyd, One Room Game Competition.

Places to contribute

Competition News

There is a Craft article that contains information on how to do things and a Theory article on a subjective definition of various interactive fiction concepts. There is a Starters article that can help new players and authors get going, and you might want to check out the Current events page for what's happening in the IF world. Check out the Examples of code category, where you can suggest code you'd like to see or donate your own code examples. There is always a list of the most linked to articles that have yet to be created also known as Wanted pages.

New and old contributors should also look at the Game reference (style guide) page. For discussion on IFWiki style issues in general, please use the Talk page for the new Style guides category.


August 2019

September 2019

  • 1: IF Comp 2019 The last date that authors can register their intent to enter.
  • 15: Results posted for IntroComp 2019.
  • 28: IF Comp 2019 Authors can upload their games to the competition site.

October 2019

(more news at Competition news)