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Welcome to the Interactive Fiction Wiki
Thursday, November 26, 2020

The Land of FAQ

Categories and Categories

Nick Montfort started a new Frequently Asked Questions article licensed under the Create Commons 2.0 license. This is one of the features of the modified MediaWiki codebase that is used for the website. We wanted to allow authors the ability to explicitly set a copyright or license. Use the license tab on any article you create. If you do not set a license, the article will default to a public domain license.   There are many categies of information within, including: People, Competitions, Authoring Systems, Interpreters, The Glossary, and Tutorials.

In Other News

There is a Craft article that contains information on how to do things and a Theory article on a subjective definition of various interactive fiction concepts. There is a Starters article that can help new players and authors get going, and you might want to check out the Current events page for what's happening in the IF world.