PAX East 2010

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[Penny Arcade Expo East]

IF Fans Attending

(People who have said they're attending at least some of the con)

  • zarf
  • emily short
  • aaron reed
  • rob wheeler
  • robb sherwin
  • dave cornelson
  • jscott
  • jacq+maga
  • chris armstrong
  • jeremy freese
  • katre+duchess
  • jesse mcgrew
  • iain merrick
  • jon blask
  • nick montfort
  • dfan+liza
  • baf
  • Juhana Leinonen
  • Jason McIntosh
  • Kevin Jackson-Meade

The IF Suite

I (zarf) have reserved a large suite on the top floor of the Back Bay Hilton. (Room number TBA.) We have the room from Thursday afternoon until Monday morning, although I currently plan to clear out on Sunday evening.

This shall be called the "[People's Republic of Interactive Fiction] Hospitality Suite".

The plan is to have the door open through Friday, Saturday, and some of Sunday. It will be both a rendezous/hangout point for mudders and IF community folks, and a publicity center for newcomers interested in IF.


  • Chips, soda, M&Ms in mass quantities
  • A SpeedIF at some point in the weekend
  • Maybe some scheduled discussions beyond the official PAX panel
  • Fliers: we should have a stack of fliers describing the suite and all PAX IF events, official and unofficial. Leave on free-flier tables in the convention center.
  • Badge ribbons for all of us ("Grue lover"? "Ask me about Interactive Fiction"? "Lost in a maze of twisty little passages"?)
  • Badge stickers for anyone who drops by the suite (may be same as ribbons)