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[Penny Arcade Expo East]

IF-Related Events

Storytelling in the world of interactive fiction
(Friday, March 26th, 5:30pm-6:30pm, Wyvern Theatre)

Text adventures have been quietly experimenting with narrative gaming for thirty years. Five authors from the amateur interactive fiction community discuss the design ideas in their games -- reordered storylines, unreliable narrators, deeply responsive NPCs -- and how they apply to other kinds of games. (Rob Wheeler (mod.), Robb Sherwin, Aaron Reed, Emily Short, Andrew Plotkin)

GET LAMP Panel/Screening
(Friday, March 26th, 9:30pm, Naga Theatre)

Premiere of Get Lamp!

The current plan: the main GET LAMP episode at 9:30, followed by a panel on stage of people interviewed for the film, and then some showings of a few more features of the DVD, including the Infocom and Bedquilt episodes. (Hosted by Jason Scott.)

Purple Blurb
(Monday, March 29th, 5:30pm-7:00pm, MIT 14-310 -- map)

Emily Short and Jeremy Freese present IF at MIT. (Purple Blurb hosted by Nick Montfort.)

IF Fans Attending

(People who have said they're attending at least some of the con)

NOTE: Is there a way we can turn this into a table and find out exactly when people are arriving and departing? It would also be good to create a mailing list to communicate with people as most people will have smart phones. People could offer phone numbers for texting as well, but not on the wiki page of course. That would have to be a private document. Not sure how that could work as some people are very private.

The IF Suite

I (zarf) have reserved a large suite on the top floor of the Back Bay Hilton. (Room number TBA.) We have the room from Thursday afternoon until Monday morning, although I currently plan to clear out on Sunday evening.

This shall be called the "People's Republic of Interactive Fiction Hospitality Suite".

The plan is to have the door open through Friday, Saturday, and some of Sunday. It will be both a rendezvous/hangout point for mudders and IF community folks, and a publicity center for newcomers interested in IF.


(Final scheduling details will have to wait until we have a PAX event schedule. Hopefully that won't be too late in February...)

The room will be open noon to midnight Friday, noon to midnight Saturday, noon to (4 pm?) Sunday.

  • Chips, soda, M&Ms in mass quantities (Kevin Jackson-Mead)
  • Computers to demo games and IF development (Jason Scott)
  • A Speed-IF at some point in the weekend (Dave Cornelson)
  • In-room panel discussions (proposals on Talk page) (Jim Munroe)
  • Badge ribbons for all IF authors and community members (text still under discussion)
  • Badge stickers for any visitors and guests who want 'em: prompt-and-cursor logo >∎ (Rob Wheeler)
  • Fliers advertising the IF Suite, to be left on freebie tables in the convention center (Lea Albaugh, after Zarf writes copy)
  • "How to play IF" cheatsheets (one-page summary of IF commands, in the form of a "Passport to the People's Republic of IF") (Zarf, with cover art from elsewhere)
  • CYOA game booklet? (Mark Musante looking for help on this)

People willing to help be room-watchers: (add your name)

  • Andrew Plotkin
  • Robb Sherwin
  • Harry Kaplan, Mary Kaplan (schedule together)
  • Kevin Jackson-Mead
  • Mark Musante
  • David Cornelson
  • J. Robinson Wheeler
  • Emily Short
  • Jake Eakle

Ideas Still In Progress

(I have shifted all of this to the Talk page; click the "discussion" tab at the top of this page. --Z)