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In addition to sporadically covering IF at MobyGames, Rowan has written about games for The Cultural Gutter and Memory Insufficient and contributes to Turn To Page 4, a hyperfiction conversion blog.

Note: Rowan's nickname on IFWiki is Pseudo Intellectual and on the IntFiction forums he goes by UnwashedMass.

Author Credits

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Review and Article Credits

Other Credits

  • The Best Defense to the Nimzovich-Larsen Attack is a Surprise Underhand Toss of Two-Week-Old Scat and a Quick Diddle: Life Lessons I Acquired Mentoring Chimpanzees in the Ancient Game of Chess. (13-Mar-2005). StupidTitleComp: Eighth runner-up.
  • Contributed cover artwork to Darkness in Daytime, Monkey Business, and Olivia's Orphanorium for the Cover Stories minicomp (May 2012).
  • Contributed song selections and author pseudonyms to games in ShuffleComp (May 2014).