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ToaSK is given a Polite rating here, but I'm pretty sure it constitutes a Nasty for one or two sequences. (Spoilers ahoy).

It's possible, from a fairly early stage of the game, to get yourself swallowed by a sea monster. It's not clear, before doing so, that getting yourself eaten is the intention. Once inside, you can't get out, but it seems pretty clear that getting swallowed is something you're meant to do (there are useful items inside). You will die in a few turns unless you have two specific items, which you might not have acquired yet. It is not clear that this is the case. I've checked the source and can't see any other way of escaping.

Accordingly, I'm going to change the game's rating to Nasty. (If it was obvious that using the bait would get you eaten, this would be Tough instead.) This is sort of annoying, because Nasty really doesn't represent the game's design in general; but that's the system. -- Maga 11:36, 10 September 2012 (CDT)