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[[Category:Games|Adventure of Space Boy]]
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[[Category:ADRIFT games|Adventure of Space Boy]]
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SPACE BOY'S FIRST ADVENTURE ver 2.5 created and copyrighted 2005 by David Parish using ADRIFT Generator 4.0

As you wake from the fog that clouds your senses, you can remember flashes of the fight...a burst of ice spraying the wall...the ZAP of lighting slamming the breath from your body...the yelp as Wonder Dog is carried off...the rip of fabric as your cape is torn from your shoulders...and the sound of Evil Man's laughter echoing in your head.

Standing to your feet, your head clears and the full impact of what has happened here hits you like a truck! Evil Man attacked your home, your cape has been stolen, and Wonder Dog is missing...GASP! Without your cape, you are powerless.

You need to find 4 items that can mimic your Space Powers and aid in recovering your cape and your faithful friend.

So begins the first in a three part series of games featuring our stick figure hero ~SpaceBoy~

You maybe asking yourself, "Just who is this SpaceBoy?" or, "Where did he come from?"

For the answers to these questions and for more fun and excitment, just check out The Adventures of SpaceBoy and WonderDog home page