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(2018 XYZZY Awards Winners)
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==2018 XYZZY Awards Winners==
==2018 XYZZY Awards Winners==
* Best Game: ''[[Bogeyman]]'' ([[Elizabeth Smyth]]).
* Best Writing: ''[[Animalia]]'' ([[Ian Michael Waddell]]) and ''[[Bogeyman]]'' ([[Elizabeth Smyth]]). (tie)
* Best Story: ''[[Bogeyman]]'' ([[Elizabeth Smyth]]).
* Best Setting: ''[[Cannery Vale]]'' ([[Hanon Ondricek]]).
* Best Puzzles: ''[[Junior Arithmancer]]'' ([[Mike Spivey]]).
* Best NPCs: ''[[Animalia]]'' ([[Ian Michael Waddell]]).
* Best Individual Puzzle: solving your murder in ''[[Erstwhile]]'' ([[Maddie Fialla]] and [[Marijke Perry]]).
* Best Individual NPC: the Bogeyman in ''[[Bogeyman]]'' ([[Elizabeth Smyth]]).
* Best Individual PC: the Magpie in ''[[Alias 'The Magpie']]'' ([[J. J. Guest]]).
* Best Implementation: ''[[Cragne Manor]]'' ([[Ryan Veeder]], [[Jenni Polodna]], et al.).
* Best Use of Innovation: ''[[I.A.G. Alpha]]'' ([[Serhii Mozhaiskyi]]).
* Best Technological Development: ''[[Dialog]]'' by [[Linus Åkesson]].
* Best Use of Multimedia: ''[[Bandersnatch]]'' ([[Charlie Brooker]] and [[David Slade]]).
==2018 XYZZY Awards Finalists==
==2018 XYZZY Awards Finalists==

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The XYZZY Awards 2018 were organized by Sam Kabo Ashwell.


2018 XYZZY Awards Winners

2018 XYZZY Awards Finalists

  • Best Game
  • Best Writing
  • Best Story
  • Best Setting
  • Best Puzzles
  • Best NPCs
  • Best Individual Puzzle
  • Best Individual NPC
  • Best Individual PC
  • Best Implementation
  • Best Use of Innovation
  • Best Technological Development
  • Best Use of Multimedia


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