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(2018 XYZZY Awards Winners)
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* '''[http://xyzzyawards.org/ XYZZY Awards site]''':
* '''[http://xyzzyawards.org/ XYZZY Awards site]''':
** [http://xyzzyawards.org/?p=536 2018 XYZZY Awards, final results]. August 16, 2019.
{{stub|Dates, entries, platforms.}}
{{stub|Dates, entries, platforms.}}

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Browse the XYZZY Awards either by year:

Or by category:

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The XYZZY Awards 2018 were organized by Sam Kabo Ashwell.


2018 XYZZY Awards Winners

2018 XYZZY Awards Finalists

  • Best Game
  • Best Writing
  • Best Story
  • Best Setting
  • Best Puzzles
  • Best NPCs
  • Best Individual Puzzle
  • Best Individual NPC
  • Best Individual PC
  • Best Implementation
  • Best Use of Innovation
  • Best Technological Development
  • Best Use of Multimedia


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