Zork Machine Interpreter and Debugger

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Zork Machine Interpreter and Debugger (called ZORKMID for short) is a Z-machine interpreter made by User:Zzo38. This program is fully public-domain.

Currently it is implementing Z-code version 3 ("ZIP") only. Later EZORKMID and XZORKMID may be written to add other Z-code versions supported.

Note that ANSI terminal mode isn't currently complete or tested.


  • Debugger (including breakpoints at address and at specific instruction opcodes)
  • Disassembler
  • Instruction profile to tell you how common each instruction opcode is executed
  • Scripting to a file (due to incompatibility with ANSI terminals, printer is not implemented)
  • You can write comments into the transcript file
  • Check for errors in the program
  • Small-endian story files (included only for completeness; it is unlikely to be of much use and I do not recommend its use for most common purposes)
  • Can stop for "MORE" on each screen (unless this function is turned off)
  • Function to disable save games
  • You can tell it to pretend to be a Tandy computer or not


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