4th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition

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The 4th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition was organized by David Dyte.

1998 IF Comp Results

  1. Photopia (Adam Cadre as "Opal O'Donnell"; Z-code).
  2. Muse: An Autumn Romance (Christopher Huang; Z-code).
  3. The Plant (Mike Roberts; TADS 2).
  4. Arrival, or Attack of the B-Movie Clichés (Stephen Granade; TADS 2).
  5. Enlightenment (Taro Ogawa; Z-code).
  6. Mother Loose (Irene Callaci; Z-code).
  7. Little Blue Men (Michael Gentry; Z-code).
  8. Trapped in a One-Room Dilly (Laura A. Knauth; Z-code).
  9. Persistence of Memory (Jason Dyer; Hugo).
  10. Downtown Tokyo, Present Day (John Kean as "Digby McWiggle"; Z-code).
  11. Informatory (William J. Shlaer; Z-code).
  12. The Ritual of Purification (Jarek Sobolewski as "Sable"; Z-code).
  13. The City (Sam Barlow; Z-code).
  14. Where Evil Dwells (Steve Owens and Paul T. Johnson; Z-code).
  15. Purple (Stefan Blixt; Z-code).
  16. Four in One (J. Robinson Wheeler; TADS 2).
  17. Research Dig (Chris Armitage; Z-code).
  18. CC (Mikko Vuorinen; Alan).
  19. Spacestation (David Ledgard; Z-code).
  20. Cattus Atrox (David Cornelson; Z-code).
  21. In the Spotlight (John Byrd; Z-code).
  22. Lightiania (Gustav Bodel; TADS 2).
  23. Acid Whiplash a.k.a. Rybread Celsius Can't Find a Dictionary (Ryan Stevens as "Rybread Celsius" and Cody Sandifer; Z-code).
  24. I Didn't Know You Could Yodel (Andrew Indovina and Michael Eisenman; MS-DOS).
  25. Fifteen (Ricardo Dague; Z-code).
  26. The Commute (Kevin Copeland; MS-DOS).
  27. Human Resources Stories (Harry M. Hardjono; Z-code).

1998 Miss Congeniality Awards

These awards were voted by the authors of the entries.

  1. Photopia (Adam Cadre; Z-code).
  2. Little Blue Men (Michael Gentry; Z-code).
  3. Muse: An Autumn Romance (Christopher Huang; Z-code).