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The Adventure Convention Awards 1992 took place at the Adventure Convention at the end of October, 1992.

Adventure Convention Awards 1992 Winners

Adventure Convention Awards 1992 Finalists

Note: these results are probably incomplete.

Best text-only 8-bit Adventure

  1. The Taxman Cometh (Steve J. Clay, publisher: Wow Software).
  2. The Spectre of Castle Coris (FSF adventures, publisher: Adventure Workshop).
  3. Run Bronwyn Run - (FSF adventures, publisher: Adventure Workshop).

Best text-only 16-bit Adventure

  1. The Four Symbols (The Grue!; 1992; MS-DOS).

Best Text Adventure Author

  1. Larry Horsfield.
  2. The Grue!.
  3. tie: Simon Avery; Jack Lockerby.

Best Software House

  1. Wow Software.

Most Helpful Adventurer

  1. Joan Pancott HPilg.

Adventurer of the Year

  1. Mandy Rodrigues HBalg.
  2. Lorna Patterson HBalg.

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