InsideADRIFT Summer Comp 2008

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A competition for any unreleased, but complete, ADRIFT games, organized by Ken Franklin.


  • Sunday 6 July 2008: submission deadline for the entries (was originally 2000 BST Tuesday 1 July 2008).
  • 2000 BST Thursday 31 July 2008: voting deadline.
  • Thursday 31 July 2008: results.


Five ADRIFT 4 games were released on July 6, 2008:

  1. Happy Valley (Jacqueline H. as "Lumin").
  2. The Marlin Affair: Prologue (Jacqueline H. as "Lumin"); tied with
    Wolves At The Door (David Whyld).
  3. Hunting Ground (Dannymac247).
  4. Door (Richard Otter as "Eric T. Dorrath").