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Can someone with more BBC knowledge take a look at this definition and clear up some confusion? I don't know much about this topic so I hesitate to make possible changes. In this definition are BBC Micro and 'BBC' the same thing? What does BBC stand for in this context? And is all the background information really necessary to know what a BBC Micro is? Is this information in order of relevant information first and secondary or background information later? SarahSmith - 19 Nov 2002

  • BBC stands for British Broadcasting Corporation. In the early 80s they wanted to sponsor a computer for education and selected the Acorn company to make it. The official name is "BBC Micro", but it was known as the BBC or the Beeb. I think we should mention a couple of the other systems that Acorn used (most of which were binary compatible): The BBC Master and the Acorn Election.--dave 15:57, 6 September 2006 (EST)

I changed a few things-- the information's organization is kosher, the sentence structures a little strange, however. I changed a few around and added italics to the "de facto". KateSkinner - 21 Nov 2002