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Otto, do you know if Bilobette illustrated JB's games alone? I thought -- but I'm not sure! -- that Ekphrasis, at least, was illustrated by JB with the help of Bilobette: if that's true, we should probably write "Co-illustrated" for that game, not "illustrated"...

And except Ekphrasis and the cover of Agent de la Paix Terrestre, did she actually illustrate any of JB's other games? If she didn't, I think we should replace "Most of JB's games" with these two games. --Eriorg 02:42, 7 June 2008 (PDT)

I can't really tell. I think they worked both on Ekphrasis. But I'm sure she did the illustrations for "Filaments" and probably the pictures for "la mort pour seul destin" as well --Otto