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((Note: I believe the trademark name is "Choose-Your-Own-Adventure" with the hyphens. Also, although Shelley Jackson's butt is certainly notable, the last paragraph slamming hypertext is not exectly correct since hypertext can have guard fields and other ways of restricting and enabling navigation through text not readily available in CYOA books. Since hypertext aficianados often think IF is little more than a CYOA, it doesn't help anyone very much to make the same mistake in reverse, but whatever you think is suitable. Also, Raymond Queneau's story "Un conte a votre façon" ("Story as You Like It" or "Yours for the Telling"), and later Julio Cortazar's novel Rayuela (Hopscotch), both from the early 1960s, are the original works in this one-text-multiple-paths form and deserve mention. The idea was first described in Jorge Luis Borges's 1941 story "El jardin de senderos que se bifurcan" ("The Garden of Forking Paths.") [nm 30 Jul 2002]))

((Nick -- feel free to edit any definition if you think you can improve it; I've tried to integrate your comments above. The original author can always come back and re-assert his/her original point of view. Ideally, this will go on until everybody's happy, or until someone gets tired of the ping-pong, steps in and says, "There are two ways to look at this issue..." DGJ 31 Jul 2002))

-- Scott Boras - added to definition- 05 Nov 2002

-- DennisGJerz - 25 Jan 2004 (Responding to NM's suggestions. Revised a distracting anatomical reference.)