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No one said anything and it's been months so I just went ahead and removed that random stuff about phtalkoo.h -- OKB 2003/05/07

As far as I can work out, we don't have a Conversation topic covering broader theory topics; would it make more sense to expand this page and have Conversation redirect to it, or to knock up a more general Conversation page? Maga 13:47, 10 August 2007 (EST)

  • I keep thinking this is one way-overlooked area... um, I think I'd start by moving the contents of this page to Conversation (so Conversation system redirects to it, and expand the heck out of the new Conversation page. I think there's a hell of a lot more to say than just 'ask-tell' and 'menu'. There's non-conversation, there's show-give, there's context (including pausing and interrupting), there's talk-to, there's topics, there's hi-goodbye, and there's new T3 options. And explain how Galatea, Glass, and Blighted Isle do their conversation tricks. -- David Welbourn 15:44, 10 August 2007 (EST)