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DJW - 13 Aug 2002: Changed the example to one that actually exists: there's a corpse in Deadline at some points, but it's immoble and in a room that Mrs. Robner [sic] never visits.

DGJ - 14 Aug 2002: Heh. Yet another reason why peer review is a good idea.

GaryThompson - 28 Oct 2002: Paragraphs on parallels to fourth wall and concept of mimesis as a contract. Might be too analytical or controversial for a glossary, but I just decided to throw those ideas out there. Peer review away.

TainaHulett - 15 Nov 2002 Minor grammatical change.

DGJ -13 Jan 2003: Moved Gary's interesting observations about contract higher in the entry, and removed some other transitional material that became redundant.

NickMontfort - 12 Jan 2003 Added a sentence to distinguish and relate mimesis and diegesis. Added a sentence (after the reference to Ad Verbum) noting that I explain "breaking mimesis" instances of the sort described as being a type of metalepsis.