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This term, along with non-player character, comes from Dungeons & Dragons, and because of this the term "character" is not used exactly as it is in a novelistic, dramatic, or cinematic sense.

(I suggest that the entry be "player character" without a hyphen.)

-- nm - 10 Aug 2002

I agree with nm's punctuation suggestion, and I also think it should be "player character (PC)", since that abbreviation is often used.


I'll put in my vote here for "player-character", but if I'm the only one I won't launch into a lengthy defense. -- DGJ - 14 Sep 2002

Player-character identity is established by the context given by the author of the game, but is also influenced by the motives, emotions, and actions of the person at the keyboard.

[KellyMarcks] - 22 Oct 2002

I took Kelly's suggestion and worked it into the main text... it was buried down here in the comments.

-- DGJ - 23 Oct 2002

LeeAnnKorecky - 20 Nov 2002 Changed "person at the keyboard" to "player."

LeeAnn's change (above) made a circular definition, using both "player" and "character". I tried to change that. -- DGJ - 24 Nov 2002

Since there is also a PC entry which does precisely the same thing as this, and we certainly don't need both, which one should we keep? I'm inclined to say PC, if only because more pages are likely to link to it. -- Maga 09:18, 29 Oct 2005 (Central Daylight Time)

  • Heh. You're not the first to point this out. I resisted combining the two in the early days of the IFWiki in an attempt to make sure that both terms were listed in Category:Glossary. I now acknowledge that I was being a bit shortsighted and foolish on that insistence. Go ahead and combine them, with PC as the main article and player-character redirecting to it, as you suggest. -- David Welbourn 16:05, 29 Oct 2005 (Central Daylight Time)