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actually, do we even need an entry for this? Why not just syn adventure game?

-- GaryThompson - 30 Oct 2002

I think it's worth mentioning the difference, although I find the use of terms like "deprecated" a bit off-putting (in that it implies that some central governing board is declaring certain terminology obsolescent).

-- OKB 2002/11/01

I think it's worthwhile to define this, but I disagree with the definition. I'd say a text adventure is any interactive fiction work that is (a) text-based, which might be everything, from our IF definition, but doesn't include all adventure games, and (b) actually an adventure. In other words, Deadline is not a text adventure and neither is Photopia, but Zork, Infidel, Mindwheel, Trinity, and more recent stuff where the PC goes adventuring are -- regardless of whether or not they are 'plotless,' have two-word parsers, or are puzzle-hunts. NM 20 Feb 2003

Reworking the definition to reflect the 2 opinions expressed above. Is this overkill? -- DGJ - 13 May 2003

I actually added a bit more, clarifying the shift from "text adventure" to "interactive fiction". I don't really know much about IF history, though, so someone who does can maybe make that more accurate. -- OKB 2003/05/14

The entry for interactive fiction has a bit more about that term, but I added a little here. -- DGJ - 15 May 2003