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Ubisoft vs. Ubi soft

I noticed "Ubi soft" was replaced with "Ubisoft". Does it mean that, in the IFWiki, the relevant name of a publisher is always the most recent one?

Because when these IF games were published, the name was still "Ubi soft", or maybe "UBI soft" or "Ubi Soft", but not "Ubisoft" with only one word.

Similarly, Loriciels later became "Loriciel" (in late 1989, I think), but their IF games were published before that change of name.

And Ere informatique became "Cryo Interactive", but I'd find it a bit absurd to say that their IF games were published by Cryo... --Eriorg 09:36, 13 February 2007 (EST)

Okay, it seems I've acted prematurely. I thought you'd merely got the name wrong, not that there had been a name change. My policy with name changes is that the page itself gets the newest or current name for the thing, but the referencing page uses the older name if that's what's appropriate. Also, the topic's page should mention that there has been a name change. Examples of this already in IFWiki are Florian Kalenda (formerly Florian Elbauer), and Cathryn Mataga (formerly William Mataga).
So that means:
  1. This page remains "Ubisoft", since that's what it's called now, but gets a sentence added to let people know it was also called "Ubi soft", etc. in the past.
  2. Pages for "Ubi soft", "UBI soft", etc. should redirect to "Ubisoft".
  3. All the pages I edited to say "Ubisoft" should be reverted back to what you had originally.
Hopefully that makes sense. I'll wait for your comments before I start editing any of it though. -- David Welbourn 19:25, 13 February 2007 (EST)

Yes, that makes sense -- at least for Ubi soft.

I don't know what was the correct capitalization of the old name, although I do remember the old logo was "UBI soft" or maybe "UBI Soft" (with UBI in capitals). Similarly, the logo of Ere informatique had ERE in capitals. But should we trust the logos?

And the case of Loriciels is a bit different: it only became "Loriciel" and even "Virtual Studio" at the end of its life, and I think we should use "Loriciels", which is probably the best known name, and mention the other names only in the Loriciels page.

Also, Cryo Interactive was actually a new company founded by the main members of "Ere informatique", not just a name change. Therefore I think we should use the old name. I also think that we should use neither "Exxos" (the short-lived (1988-1989) label of Ere informatique) nor "Ere international" (another name Ere informatique occasionally used, I don't know why). --Eriorg 09:18, 14 February 2007 (EST)