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Well, I didn't particularly want to write this page, but it irritated me a bit to always see it at #2 in Wanted pages :-) ...

Who am I?

I'm Eriorg, a French-speaking Swiss who loves interactive fiction.

What have I done in the IF community?

See also my IFWiki page.

  • Many IFWiki contributions since May 2006.
  • In SPAG #47: wrote an article about the history of French IF and conducted interviews with French IF authors Adrien Saurat and JB.
  • Some beta-testing for the French game Lieux Communs.

What do I do in the IFWiki?

  • Various things about French IF (but there's still a lot to do, especially about old games).
  • Added many links to reviews of IF games, notably IF Comp and IntroComp reviews. Someday, I'd like to add links to every review of every game or competition and every review by every reviewer, but that's a lot of work :-) .
  • Created a few (often incomplete) game pages, especially many IF Comp 2006 games and French Games.
  • Added many links to interviews.
  • Added some links to Baf's Guide.
  • Linkified many game titles (in Author pages, etc.)
  • Deleted a few spams.
  • Many various minor changes, often inspired by the Recent changes page.

What are my favorite IF games?

"Old" games

IF games which I loved in the past, even if I'm not always sure I'd like some of them as much as I did if I played them now:

"Recent" games

How can you contact me?

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