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Hi, I'm Froggy.

I'm from the UK and have been playing and occasionally writing IF / Adveture games since the late 1980's, which makes me rather old.

I have been associated with Adventure Probe Magazine and the Adventure Convention for a fair amount of that time.

I have used Graphic Adventure Creator on the Commodore 64, several versions of BASIC, the best being "AMOS" for the Commodore Amiga. I did dally with Hatrack II writing language before moving to TADS 2.2

After a long break, I am now looking at Inform 7 with its (alleged) plain English programming language.


On articles that I initially create or am the first to add content to (not to existing content) I may choose to add an "Opinion" section. This is what it says, my opinion on the subject, probably because I have personal experience that allows me to put a "context" on something. For example, the ZX81 computer may be rubbish by todays standard, but back in 1981 it was the first computer you could buy in the shops that was "affordable" and worked.