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I played my first adventure in 1978, I think, a Byte magazine article contained a Basic adventure game about 100 lines long which I slavishly typed into the vast supercomputer I was working on at the time.

Then it was Scott Adams stuff - Pirate Adventure being my favourite.

In 1981, I wrote the Paul Daniels Magic Adventure for Atari 800, complete with card tricks and interactive games. For this, I developed a game engine in Basic, based on articles in Compute! magazine.

Not long after, I discovered AGT and wrote the two Sir Ramic Hobbs games in it.

Then there was a brief encounter with Advsys, a sort of Inform-shaped game writing engine by Dave Betts.

In 1990, I felt I knew enough about i-f, and published "Computer Adventures - The Secret Art", a book on the art of interactive fiction, which is still selling, though it's pretty far down the sales list!

I'm still kind of keen on the idea of adventures, and I liked Myst, so I wrote a game engine that uses html, javascript and Java to deliver a Myst-like adventure. It's not yet gone beyond prototype. I later ported that to Android. The full story is at

In 2009, I've been more interested in the Internet, and have dabbled in these ARG games. In fact, I have been thinking about ARG games since 1997, and even wrote a treatment for how to run them back then, but I was years ahead of my time and no-one was interested. {insert smiley here}

In 2015-16, I learned Inform 7, and wrote Iceweb for Mythaxis magazine.