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The ADRIFT Runner is the standard Windows interpreter used to play ADRIFT games. It was created and is currently maintained by Campbell Wild, who also created the ADRIFT authoring system.

The ADRIFT Runner was the only interpreter available to play ADRIFT games until the introduction of jAsea, an open-sourced ADRIFT interpreter written in Java. Since ADRIFT Runner is only available for MS-Windows, ADRIFT games were commonly thought as "Windows-only games". Since the release of ADRIFT 5, ADRIFT games can now run on Windows, Linux, Mac and online.



Note that the ADRIFT Runner is usually included in packages for those wishing to author ADRIFT works. The following download links only install the Runner, and are provided for people who just want to play existing ADRIFT games, not create new ones.

Be aware that ADRIFT 4 is not 100% backwards compatible with ADRIFT 3.9. This means that an ADRIFT 4 interpreter may not properly run ADRIFT 3.9 games. It is recommended that for ADRIFT 3.9 games you should use the older ADRIFT 3.9 interpreter.

ADRIFT Runner version 5.0


ADRIFT Runner version 4.0


ADRIFT Runner version 3.9


Note that ADRIFT Generator version 4.0 can convert ADRIFT 3.9 story files to ADRIFT 4.0 ones, assuming that the original story file is not password protected. However, be warned that the conversion isn't risk-free and that some converted files might not work properly in ADRIFT Runner version 4.0. It is still recommended that players play ADRIFT 3.9 games using ADRIFT Runner 3.90 if they can do so.