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==Organizational Credits==
==Organizational Credits==
* Organizer of [[LogicPuzzleComp]].
* Organizer of [[LogicPuzzleComp]] and of [[The IF Archive CSS Competition]].
* One of the maintainers of the [[IF Archive]].
* One of the maintainers of the [[IF Archive]].

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Andrew Plotkin, 2007. From GET LAMP.

Andrew Plotkin is one of the most renowned authors in the IF community. Andrew's nickname on the ifMUD (and elsewhere) is Zarf.

Author Credits

Porting Credits

Tech Credits

  • Wrote the proposals for Glk, Glulx, Blorb, and Floo.
  • Wrote compilers for Glulx Inform.
  • Wrote the MaxZip, XZip, MaxTADS, and MacGlulxe interpreters.
  • Sensory Jam (2000; Glulx). Intended as a demo for Glulx.
  • Gave theoretical guidance and advice for Inform 7.

Review and Article Credits

Organizational Credits

Testing Credits

Game Appearances

As an NPC:

Other Credits