Brendan Barnwell

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Note: Brendan's nickname on the ifMUD is BrenBarn. His 'sig' is often OKB. He's also used the following pseudonyms: steven carbone, Joshua H. Field, and Austin Thorvald.

Author Credits

  • Lomalow (1999). IF Comp 1999 (21st place).
  • The Big Mama (2000). IF Comp 2000 (20th place).
  • Comp00ter Game (2000). IF Comp 2000 (49th place).
  • an apple from nowhere (2001). IF Comp 2001 (37th place).
  • Stick it to the man (2001). IF Comp 2001 (40th place).
  • Comp01ter Game: N0n C0mp0s Ment1s (2001).
  • Comp02ter Game (2002).